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About YYC Digital

YYC Digital Sdn Bhd (YYC Holdings Sdn Bhd) was established with the goal to help SMEs in Malaysia to grow their business through the strategic implementation of digital marketing, internationalizing, and digital transformation.

We offer workshops, digital marketing services, and web development to help businesses get more results online with web optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and search marketing. We do provide workshops for partners and public as business owners aware about the importance of equip with the knowledge of going digital space.

YYC Digital aims to be a top digital marketing agency in Malaysia by consistently testing and keeping up with the most current digital marketing methods that work, be it with informational product launches, events, or brand engagement for products and services.

What We Do


We walk you step by step from zero knowledge about digital marketing to become digital marketing literate. We provide workshops that cater to your needs:

1. 2-Days Implementation Workshop
2. 1-Day E-commerce Workshop
3. 1-Day Google Adwords Workshop
4. 1-Day Facebook Advertising Secrets Workshop

These course outlines are designed for business owners and marketers who know you need to get into digital space, but aren't sure how to start; You know what to achieve online but need some guidance about what channels will be best for your business and how to be best execute the online strategies.

We value the outcome of the workshops and satisfaction of participants. We have our professional digital marketing expert who is having practical experience in real market for more than 10 years to guide you and work out the digital marketing strategies which cater to your business.


The secret of marketing is to getting it done. We are Marketing Experts who know what it takes to move a business forward by providing comprehensive Digital Marketing services.

It gives you the peace of mind that whatever else is happening in your business, you can get on with what you do best, safe in the knowledge that the marketing will take good care your most valuable asset-- customers retention and new customers. We have mastered the implementation of the four most essential strategies in
Lead Generation
* Web Design & Optimization
* Search Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Social Media Marketing

We also help with international business, helping Malaysian SMEs to sell overseas as well as overseas businesses to reach to more people and to be matched to the right partners in Malaysia.

Better yet, talk to us personally to find out the best mix of strategies to implement for your unique business for the highest ROI.

Web Development

Forget expensive web developers who do not understand marketing when it comes to creating websites that sell for you. If there is one thing we hope you can take away from reading this, it is that a website is so much more than just an online place to put your information --It can be used to generate sales and marketing for you. 

And we specialize in building websites that are perfect for bringing your sales, provided that you have a credible product or service ready to be sold.

Not only we do remove the hassle of you having to research on what is good for your website and get you, we also make the website ready for you to pump up (or down) your digital marketing efforts any time.

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What It Means For You

"We started as a handbag company who’ve been in the market for over a decade. We always want to provide valuable things for our customers and reach out to more people. But we don’t know digital marketing. What we learnt from the workshop is really much beyond our imagination as we can directly apply what we’ve learnt in the class. Besides, there are good references for us too. This is more hands-on and direct application. This workshop doesn’t like the other workshops that I’ve attended which taught us surface knowledge. The digital marketing expert will guide us from step A to Z thoroughly."

JB, Director at Purple Box (

"I really like this course because it’s more to a ready to use kind of technique and on ground works. I can easily understand, for example, some practical website and free software apps. YYC Digital team is willing to share their experience and from there we get to know what to do and what not to do to avoid some unnecessary mistakes."

Choy Mun Yoong, CS Laundry Sdn Bhd 


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